basketball stencil kit main

What is the dimension on a basketball court?
NBA / College - 50’ x 94’, High School - 50' x 94' to the outside of the lines.

How wide are the lines?

Is the Ronan Easy Court easy to use?
Yes, it can be set up in less than 10 minutes..

Is one can of paint enough to do a complete key and free throw line?
All surfaces absorb paint differently, however on smooth cement one can of paint will provide a very nice line for a complete key and one more can for a complete 3-point line.

Is the line crisp and clean with no over spray?
Yes, the kit comes with a “goof proof” spray box. The box has a cut out bottom and holds the stencil down and prevents overspray as you spray inside the box.

What if my court is not wide enough for complete 3-point line?
Start at the top center of the key and fold out the 3-point stencil to the left then to the right.

What if after I get the kit I am not satisfied?
We will refund your money less shipping. If returned within 30 days.

Can I buy upside down spray paint anywhere else?
Yes, at most home centers.

How many courts can I do with one kit?

What kind of paint is it?
Solvent based upside down striping paint intended for hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.

Can I get complete continues lines with Easy Court?
Yes. After you spray paint the kit in place, simply slide the stencil into a different position over the lines and spray in the gaps.

The kit is equivalent to what regulation court?
High school.